Mark Lobert

Mark Lobert is a renowned Australian famous & contemporary artist in Adelaide who has received international praise for his unique art. His artwork is now being sold throughout the world. For Mark, everything is about sharing the joy of painting, and telling stories through colour and imagery.

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Paving your way to imagination

Mark is best known for creating striking quality canvas prints and acrylic glass prints characterised by a deep sense of mystery. His abstract art immediately transports viewers from reality to a mystical vibrant world where they can create and interpret their very own stories.

Mark Lobert


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Meet Mark Lobert

“I’m an artist and I love what I do. I use every minute I can to express myself on canvas. Everything is an inspiration. I started to paint as a creative way to express myself, and it grew from there. My art is who I am, some works are simple, bright and bold. Others are complex, intricate and layered. I am all those things often at the same time.” – Mark.

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