Mark Lobert

Mark Lobert is a renowned Australian famous & contemporary artist in Adelaide who has received international praise for his unique art. His artwork is now being sold throughout the world. For Mark, everything is about sharing the joy of painting, and telling stories through colour and imagery.

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One of the outstanding Australian abstract artists

Australian abstract artists Mark Lobert is a self-taught artist from Adelaide. Mark’s focus is primarily on painting in this expressive body of work on high-quality canvas.

“I’m an artist and I love what I do. I use every minute I can to express myself on canvas. Everything is an inspiration. I started to paint as a creative way to express myself, and it grew from there. My art is who I am some works are simple, bright and bold. Others are complex, intricate and layered. I am all those things often at the same time.” – Mark.

Australian abstract artists - Mark Lobert

He is best known for creating striking quality canvas prints and acrylic glass prints characterised by a deep sense of mystery. His abstract art immediately transports viewers from reality to a mystical vibrant world where they can create and interpret their very own stories.

Of importance to note is that Mark is one of those Australian abstract artists whom anyone can talk to. He loves meeting new people and interacting with people of different ethnicity and background. This helps trigger a variety of emotions in him leading to an endless flow of art ideas he displays as canvas art.

Rooted squarely in emotional distraction, Mark Lobert’s abstract work is never static. The use of non-physical elements like light, space and movement helps him create uninhibited sensuality art. A master colourist, Mark’s balance of rich art tonal portrays abstraction with sensation, feeling and passion. It’s with this that you’ll find the importance of Mark Lobert and his work to abstract art below.

What’s An Abstract Art?

Before delving deep into Mark’s importance to this type of art, let’s familiarise ourselves with the term abstract art.

Despite it seeming like a new concept, abstract art has been with us for close to a century now. In fact, one might argue that this type of art started some 100 years ago – this is when the infamous abstract idea of an eight-legged bison was found as a cave painting. Over the years, there has been a continued interest in this form art. This can be attributed to its ability to evoke curiosity on reaches of an artist’s imagination.

With abstract art, one major obstacle usually lies with artists themselves. In particular, the part of the mind of an artist that questions whether canvas wall art is legitimate or not. These questions usually result from the artists questioning whether abstract art is really art at all.

Australian abstract artists - Mark Lobert

So what exactly is it? Abstract art, regardless of the hullabaloo behind it, is historically a legitimate art form. In a strict sense, this form of art has no trace of any object that is recognisable in our world as we know it. However, its genre is not only limited these types of work. Numerous Australian abstract artists include Mark practice a varying degree of abstraction.

Mark Lobert’s Importance To This Art

Mark Lobert plays a very big role in Australia’s abstract art scene. His dedication to not only create quality abstract art prints but also market them generates necessary awareness to this form of art. This is evident with his yearly state of the art exhibition at the Adelaide Airport.

During these exhibitions, he showcases to the public and Australian abstract artists affordable high-quality abstract art. Key to note is that his abstract art incorporates a number of styles. This he does intentionally to convey a strong, expressive or emotional content via abstraction.

For over 7 years now, the Adelaide Airport has exhibited Mark’s high-quality prints. The most recent exhibition hosted at this venue was dubbed “Freedom”. This was an abstract art themed exhibition inspired by the surroundings of the airport. The event featured a variety of Mark’s abstract canvas wall art. What was clearly evident from the exhibition was Mark’s ability to tell stories through his abstract art. One of his key identifier as prominent Australian abstract artists is his ability to distort figure painting. He does this to his art prints to give them a certain level of abstraction. He further blends them with various styles to create unique abstract pieces.

Mark’s most important contribution to this form of art however, is support of art movements that favour abstract art. These movements basically focus on pure art abstraction. The main aim of such movements in Australia is to dispense subject matter that is easily recognisable. This makes them an important player in the development of abstract art in Australia.

Abstract Art

From the looks of it, Mark’s dedication to abstract art as a form of expression won’t die. With his exhibition art event at the Adelaide Airport, he plans on shinning the light on abstract art for years to come. The plan is to create a number of pieces that’ll help put to the light the brilliance that is abstract art. After which, they’ll exhibited at the Adelaide Airport and other public or private art venues.Mark plans to further represent the wonders of life’s journey through abstract art. Something he is managed to do so well over the years by depicting how life can be simple and complex at the same time.

One way you can be able to see some of Mark Lobert’s work is at Adelaide Airport. There you’ll be able to see in person the steps Mark Lobert is making towards bringing attention to abstract art. If you are not in a position to visit Adelaide Airport or any other venue where Mark exhibits his work, we suggest visiting his official art website. While there, you will find a gallery on site that’ll give you a glimpse into Mark’s dynamic and wondrous world. It’s his hope that his abstract artwork inspires other Australian abstracts artists.

Mark’s abstract art is meant to give Australian abstract artists and art lovers opportunity to imagine how he can brighten their world. If you would lie to know more about Mark Lobert, we suggest visiting his official site,

For enquiries on how you can get your hands on a Mark Lobertabstract art piece do call Mar and his team using 0414 205 393. You should also phone this Mark Lobert number 0414 205 393 if you would like to know of venues where he showcases his work.

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